The Lung Cleanse Formula - Breathe Better

Breathe Deep Lung Health - Lobelia, Lungwort + Plantain have traditionally been used for hundreds of years throughout the world, for their lung respiratory health + immune properties. These are combined into a powerful concentrated liquid formula to help the body with natural mucus elimination, lung tissue repair and oxygen intake.

  • Healthy lung function
  • Lung tissue repair
  • Respiration and breathing
  • Healthy inflammation response
  • Balanced histamine levels
  • Strength + stamina
SIZE: 2 fl oz


  • Breathe Easier, Feel Better Fast -  Packed with well-researched herbal extracts, The Lung Cleanse Formula aids in lung cleanse, natural mucus elimination, and lung tissue repair for optimal lung health.
  • Keeps Lung Irritants at Bay - This all-natural respiratory health blend can help alleviate chest congestion by eliminating excess mucus and phlegm. and can also provide relief from common lung irritants.
  • Quickly Absorbed by the Body - Liquid tinctures are by their nature more absorbable - up to 98% - than dry herbal capsules or tablets.  The bio-compounds bypass digestion and enter intact into the body. Get the full benefits of nutrient-rich Lobelia, Lungwort, and Plantain extracts in each serving.
  • Easy-to-Take Tinctures - Efficacy and convenience go hand-in-hand with the Lung Cleanse Formula. Simply dilute 1-2 droppers in water, and you’re good to go!
  • Safe and Powerful - Our lung formula contains highly-targeted herbs grown without harmful chemicals. The herbal bio-compounds are abundant, pure and unaltered.  This blend is the outcome of science, experience and results.

1 review for The Lung Cleanse Formula - Breathe Better

  1. Mandana Zhargami

    I have been looking for a formula that supports lung health and I’m so happy I came across Limelight Herbals Lung Formula! I have tried many supplements that didn’t have a positive effect on me or have completely worked on me until now. I have been using the Lung Formula for about a month now and can feel a noticeable difference in my daily workouts. As someone who spends countless hours in the gym a day, having healthy and strong lungs are important! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to build out those strong lungs and overall immunity. I can’t wait to try other Limelight Herbal Supplements!

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We use more herbs, combine these and extract them  into pure organic sugarcane alcohol.  They are potent and hyper-concentrated.
Superior Bioavailability –  up to 98%   absorption directly into the blood, in seconds.
Stabilized to preserve efficacy and room–temperature storage for up to 36 months.


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